ResearcherHost institutionPeriod of STSMFunds approvedTopicReport
Simon Krek

“Jožef Stefan” Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (INT), Leiden, NetherlandsJanuary 2017 (5 days)Matrix dictionary in ELEXISHost Report;
Scientific Report
Darja Fišer, University of Ljubljana, SloveniaFaculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, BrnoOctober-December 2016 (60 days)700 EURSemantic shift detection in Slovene netspeakHost Report;
Scientific Report
Nikola Ljubešić, University of Zagreb, CroatiaLexical Computing CZ s.r.o., Brno, Czech RepublicOctober-December 2016 (14 days)1000 EURSemantic shift detection in Slovene netspeakHost Report;
Scientific Report
Alejandro Benito Santos, Universidad de Salamanca, SpainAustrian Centre for digital humanities, Vienna, AustriaNovember 2016 (5 days)400 EUREnhancement of a visual analysis tool for historical dictionariesHost Report;
Scientific Report
Iztok Kosem, Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies, Ljubljana, SloveniaInstitut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, GermanyOctober 2016 (5 days)700 EURPreparing a questionnaire for a European-wide survey on dictionary useHost Report;
Scientific Report
Alisa Goikhman, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, AustriaUniversity of Salamanca, SpainNovember 2016 (10 days)600 EURDesigning collaborations: Could design probes contribute to better communication between collaborators?Host Report;
Scientific Report
Ursula Schultze, University of Trier, Trier, GermanyInstituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (INT), Leiden, NetherlandsSeptember 2016 (30 days)1140 EURGiving an overview of retro-digitised dictionaries and supporting the development of guidelines for retro-digitised dictionariesHost Report;
Scientific Report;
Overview of Retro-digitized dictionaries;
Definitions and features of retro-digitized dictionaries;
Database of retro-digitized dictionaries
Egon Stemle, EURAC, Bolzano/Bozen, ItalyCentre for Language Resources and Technologies, University of LjubljanaSeptember 2016 (5 days)540 EURNLP4CMC & LexicographyHost Report;
Scientific Report
Przemysław Dębowiak, Jagiellonian University of Kraków, Kraków, PolandUniversity of Lisbon, Lisbon, ItalySeptember 2016 (7 days)850 EURShared etymons, disjoint lexical outputs in Polish and PortugueseHost Report;
Scientific Report
Marianna Apidianaki,
LIMSI, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, Orsay, France
Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athens, GreeceJuly – August 2016 (22 days)1200 EURParaphrases as meaning descriptions for MultiWord Expressions
in a Greek lexicographic resource
Host Report;
Scientific Report
Kristina Koppel,
Institute for the Estonian Language
Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, SloveniaJune – July 2016 (30 days)1300 EURAutomatic extraction of Good Dictionary Examples for Estonian learners dictionariesHost Report;
Scientific Report
Jan Michelfeit,
Lexical Computing CZ, Brno, Czech Republic
Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene StudiesJune 2016 (14 days)760 EURGraphical user interface for GDEX (Good dictionary examples)Host Report;
Scientific Report
Tanara Zingano Kuhn,
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, SloveniaFebruar – April 2016 (71 days)2500 EURIn-depth Introduction to Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Lexicography and DWSHost Report;
Scientific Report
Lore Baeten

KU Leuven, Netherlands

Austrian Centre for digital humanities, Vienna, AustriaAugust-September 2015 (13 days)1850 EURStudy of e-lexicography for Arabic dictionariesHost Report;
Scientific Report
Natalie Mederake, Akademie der
Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Germany
Institute of Polish
Language, Kraków, Poland
August-September 2015 (10 days)1100 EURLexicographic hybrids: a European perspectiveHost Report;
Scientific Report
Hindrik Sijens, Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden, NetherlandsResearch Institute for Linguistics Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, HungaryMay – June 2015 (14 days)1200 EURAn inventory and an analysis of European dictionary portalsHost Report;
Inventory of dictionary portals (updated in 2016);
List of criteria (updated in 2016)
Nikoleta Olexova, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius,Trnava, SlovakiaInstitut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, GermanyApril – June 2015 (91 days)2500 EURCollocations in GermanHost Report;
Scientific Report
Justyna Zdanowska, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, PortugalKatholieke Universiteit Leuven, Antwerpen, BelgiumApril-July 2015 (92 days)2500 EURAnalysis of linguistic problems connected with Legal English in legal texts of the UK, Ireland and the EU related to Law of SpaceHost Report;
Scientific Report
Tarja Heinonen, Institute for the Languages of FinlandInstitute of the Estonian LanguageApril 2015 (5 days)410 EURDevelopment of Sketch Grammar and GDEX (Good Dictionary Examples) for FinnishHost Report;
Scientific Report
Appendix 1: Finnish Sketch Grammar;
Appendix 2: GDEX configuration for Finnish
Mylene Van Cauwelaert

KU Leuven, Antwerpen, Belgium

DigiTaalbedrijf, Breda, NetherlandsApril 2015 (12 days)950 EURTerminology research for linguisticsHost Report;
Scientific Report
Michal Měchura

Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie, NetherlandsApril 2015 (9 days)1400 EUREuropean Dictionary PortalHost Report;
Scientific Report
Tomislav Stojanov

Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Zagreb, Croatia

Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden, NetherlandsMarch – April 2015 (32 days)2057 EUROrthography dictionaries and orthography data in European languagesHost Report;
Scientific Report
Luis Espinoza

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

University La Sapienza, Rome, ItalyFebruary – May 2015 (89 days)2400 EURExtending the Wikipedia BitaxonomyHost Report;
Scientific Report
Kristina Strkalj Despot

Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Zagreb, Croatia

Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, GermanyFebruary – March 2015 (15 days)1800 EURBuilding online repositories of contemporary Croatian based on good practices from elexikoHost Report;
Scientific Report
Cyprian Laskowski

Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Instytut Języka Polskiego, Krakow, PolandJanuary – February 2015 (43 days)1950 EURAutomatic Extraction of Polish Multi-Word ExpressionsHost Report;
Scientific Report
Sílvia Barbosa

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus, DenmarkNovember 2014 (12 days)1800 EURe-Lexicography about wineHost Report;
Scientific Report
Maria José Duarte Freire

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

University of Leuven, Antwerp, BelgiumOctober 2014 (8 days)810 EURLexicographic, lexicological and terminological study of new signs in Portuguese Sign LanguageHost Report;
Scientific Report;
Michael Zock

C.N.R.S., Marseille, France

Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology, Vienna, AustriaSeptember – October 2014 (12 days)1700 EURHow to overcome the Tip-of-the-Tongue Problem with the help of a computer?Host Report;
Scientific Report
Gerbrich de Jong

Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Universität Trier, Trier, GermanySeptember 2014 (30 days)2500 EURAn inventory of European scholarly dictionariesHost Report
Scientific Report
Inventory of Scholarly Dictionaries (Sept 2014 version)
How to interpret the Excel file with the list of dictionaries
Vladimir Benko

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies, Ljubljana, SloveniaSeptember 2014 (7 days)/Developing GDEX for SlovakHost Report
Karlien Franco

QLVL, KU Leuven, Belgium

Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology, Vienna, AustriaSeptember 2014 (7 days)750 EURHow to link three European dialect dictionariesHost Report;
Scientific Report
Carole Tiberius

INL, Leiden, Netherlands

KU Leuven, Antwerp, BelgiumAugust 2014 (5 days)290 EURDeveloping a database of linguistic terms for DutchHost Report;
Scientific Report
Simon Krek

“Jožef Stefan” Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

EURAC, Bolzano, ItalyJuly 2014 (5 days)860 EURSoftware to support lexicographical workflow: Dictionary Writing Systems and Corpus Query SystemsHost Report;
Survey on dictionary-writing systems