The second ENeL Action meeting took place on 20 July 2014 in Bolzano, Italy.

AGENDA (09.00-13.00)

1. Welcome to participants
2. Adoption of agenda
3. Approval of minutes and matters arising of last meeting (Leiden, January 16th 2014)
4. Update from the Action Chair
a. Status of Action, including participating countries
b. Action budget status
c. STSM status and new applications
5. Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)
6. Update from the Grant Holder
7. Update from the COST Office
8. Update from the DC Rapporteur
9. Annual Progress Conference (preparation and/or feedback from DC)
10. Follow-up of MoU objectives
a. Progress report of working groups (Chairs of the WGs)
b. Spin-off projects
– Hans Bickel (Switzerland); presented by Tobias Roth
Neologism project – Slovenia/Belgium; presented by Kris Heylen
11. Scientific planning:
a. Scientific strategy
b. Action Budget Planning (Budget Plan 2013-2014, Budget Plan 2014-2015)
c. Long-term planning (Training Schools, Meetings, including anticipated locations and dates)
d. Dissemination planning (Publications and outreach activities)
12. Requests for new members
13. Non-COST applications to the Actions
14. AOB
15. Location and date of next meeting (Vienna, January/February 2015)
16. Summary of MC decisions
17. Closing