How can you join?

Please note that new members, and countries, can join only after the approval of the Management Committee (MC) of the Action.

The procedure:

  1. Make sure you are eligible to join. The COST member countries and a Cooperating State are listed at For other other countries, organisations and institutions, which may also be eligible, please see the COST Vademecum, Section 1.2 COST Action participation.
  2. If your country is eligible to join the COST Action but is currently not in ENeL, you need to contact your Country National Coordinator (CNC) – They will guide you through the application procedure. Joining of a new COST country to the Action needs to be approved by the MC of the Action.
  3. If your country is already a member of the Action (the list is available at, write to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Working Group (WG) you would like to join. Also include in your email. The descriptions of Working Groups can be found on the Action webpage ( You can join more than one WG. Working Group contacts:
  4. If you are also interested in representing your country in the MC (provided there are still places – there are two per country), please contact your Country National Coordinator (CNC) –
  5. After getting confirmation from the WG Chair, you will be sent a link to the online form where you will provide your information.
  6. The final step includes the approval of the MC at the next meeting, or via online vote. You will be notified of the decision via email.

More information is available in COST_H2020_Vademecum.