Dictionary Writing Systems and Corpus Query Systems

COST ENeL WG3 meeting
Vienna, 12 February 2015

The third meeting of Working Group 3 took place on 12th February 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was followed by a workshop on automatic extraction of good dictionary examples.

The topic of the Working Group 3 meeting in Vienna was “Dictionary Writing Systems and Corpus Query Systems” – DWSs and CQSs. The meeting was organised by Simon Krek and Andrea Abel. The requirement for the attendance at the meeting was a completed questionnaire on DWSs and CQSs.


9:00-10:30Simon Krek, Andrea Abel & Carole TiberiusDWS/CQS survey analysis & Bibliography
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-12:30DWS/CQS presentations
Aleš Horák, Adam RambousekDEBDict
Jan NiestadtBlackLab and INL-DWS
Antton GurrutxagaElhuyar.org
Elena Volodina, Ildiko PilanKARP & KORP
Alexander GeykenDWDS
12:30-13:00Carole Tiberius, Kris Heylen & Simon Krek Organisation of the next meeting(s)

An online questionnaire was prepared to gather information about DWSs and CQSs. If you want to contribute please fill in the questionnaire.

As the questionnaire is rather complicated please follow these instructions:

1. Before you start filling in the online form it is advisable to download the PDF with the entire questionnaire and familiarise yourselves with the structure. You can download it here:

2. If you don’t use DWSs or CQSs, it will take you a minute or two. Otherwise it should take from a half an hour to an hour, depending on the type of software you use.

3. More than one person can participate in filling in one form. It is advisable to collaborate in the way that one survey is filled in by all the people working at the same institution involved in the action – assuming that those people use the same DWSs and CQSs.

4. If you use more than one DWS or CQS please fill in separate forms for each of them.

5. If you have questions BEFORE, DURING or AFTER you fill in the questionnare, please write to Simon Krek at simon.krek@guest.arnes.si.