WG3 call for papers for the Budapest meeting

Between Corpora and Dictionaries / Crowdsourcing and Gamification

COST ENeL WG3 meeting
Budapest, Hungary, 24-25 February 2017

Call for papers: http://www.elexicography.eu/working-groups/working-group-3/wg3-meetings/wg3-budapest-2017/.

Deadline: 15 December 2016

WG1 & WG4 call for papers for the Budapest meeting

The next ENeL meeting will take place in Budapest, and will be hosted by the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. There will be a joint meeting of WG1 and WG4 on February 24-25, 2017. We now call on you to submit proposals for 20-minute presentations of 1000-1500 words by December 15th 2016 on the theme of Online Dictionaries, Dictionary Portals and Enhanced Search. More at: http://www.elexicography.eu/working-groups/working-group-1/wg1-meetings/wg1-budapest-2017/.