COST ENeL WG4 Meeting

Herstmonceux Castle, Friday 14 August 2015 (9:00-12:30)


9:00-9:30Welcome (Chair)
Organisational Issues: Introduction of Andrea Steiner
9:30-10:00Introduction: new member presentations

Project Linguistic DNA:

10:00-10:30Task Group Reports:
a) Metalexicography
b) Digital Humanities
c) Emotions


10:30-11:00Collaboration opportunities + presentation of results (Chair)
11:00-12:00Working Papers + Discussion:
a) Wiebke Blanck: European words of emotion: structure, culture, and translation (presentation AND paper)
b) Vilja Oja: The idea of a multilingual concept-based collectgion of dialect vocabulary (presentation AND paper)
12:00-12:30Overview, Conclusion, Next steps